Cooler Master launches its first gaming headset, CM Storm Sirus

Published Date
24 - Nov - 2011
| Last Updated
24 - Nov - 2011
Cooler Master launches its first gaming headset, CM Storm Sirus

Cooler Master, a company best known for its power supplies, cooling solutions, and cabinets, has launched its first Gaming Headset, the CM Storm Sirus, in India. The headset should be available at major retail outlets, with an MRP of Rs. 9,999.

The CM Storm Sirus delivers surround sound with a total of eight speakers onboard, four per side. Cooler Master says the headsets stand apart from the competition, with a Tactical Mixing Console (pictured below) that allows the user to make precise real-time adjustments to all the separate eight speaker channels. This could help reduce ambient noise, or isolate certain sounds, depending on user requirements – for FPS games, Cooler Master suggests lowering the center channel and raising the remaining channels to “simultaneously reduce distractions from your own gun noise and steps and increase your ability to detect enemy footsteps with pinpoint accuracy.”

The headset bears 40mm sub drivers for superior bass, and six additional 30mm drivers, each fed by a discrete audio channel, for precise directional sounds. These, combined with the 5.1 channel surround and the Tactical Mixing Console, gives users what Cooler Master calls “full 5.1 channel-adjustable, real-time 360 degree audio” experience.

The microphone onboard the CM Storm Sirus gaming headset is unidirectional, and features active noise cancellation. The headset comes with a choice of smooth leatherette or breathable circum-aural ear-pads, which are apparently easy to clip on and off, even “in-combat.”

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