rithvikreddy.p21 - Aug - 20148 Answers

Will MotoG2 have an aggressive pricing just like MotoG? Next Question

If its priced more will it prove to be value for money ???

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jyotiprakash24 - Aug - 2014
vivekbhatt23 - Aug - 2014

Yes , its price will be more than the earlier one

sameer10123 - Aug - 2014

Its much costlier

sparshrathi22 - Aug - 2014

Yes definitely they are increasing it\'s price according to a news published late this week

vishal07521 - Aug - 2014

Compared to moto g it wont be value for money

HarshalSharma21 - Aug - 2014

G2 holds a good screen size and 2-3 small corrections it has to be under 15k!

vivekbhatt21 - Aug - 2014

This mobile will launch on 5th sep 2014

vivekbhatt21 - Aug - 2014

Almost same price as moto G has.And yes it will be value for money. All the drawbacks of moto G is corrected in this version

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