vivekbhatt04 - Sep - 20146 Answers

Why OPPO mobiles are costly? Next Question

I think this brand is new in smartphone market. But why their mobile are so much costly. Why a person take OPPO over IPHONE or Samsung?

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vivekbhatt07 - Sep - 2014

Thanks for replying

assist4tech05 - Sep - 2014

OPPO is a Chinese brand . They have invested significantly into advertisement and retail chains while entering Indian market. Total of the phone cost consists of manufacturing cost , packaging , taxes, custom , retail fees and advertisement cost.Therefore some smart players have adopted to technique of Online retail , local manufacture, Govt tie ups or invite system to offer phones at a significantly reduced pricing.

vivekbhatt04 - Sep - 2014

Guys is it a good choice in this range?

paragjadhav2504 - Sep - 2014

It\'s foreign brand. .

aditya.malpure04 - Sep - 2014

its foreign brand and adds the money of the advertising which they had invested ....hence asus mobiles prices are less than other because they does not advertise on TV media

jyotiprakash04 - Sep - 2014

its a foreign brand

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