satamdipesh15 - Oct - 20143 Answers

Which power bank is best for my mobile? Next Question

I have Sony Xperia M Dual smartphone.

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aayush_7710 - Oct - 2015

buy a xiaomi powerbank. on flipkart the 5200 mah is so at a really reasonable price. :)

loveymangal20 - Oct - 2014

Usually it doesn\'t matter which mobile phone you have for the power bank except u might have different charging port in iPhone and other than that all phones use single microusb over on power bank it depends if u want good quality power bank in a cheap price range and how portable you want it to be....if you want a portable charger that could easily slide in your pocket with your phone I would suggest you Xiaomi Power bank 5200 mah, it is priced at RS 699 on FlipkartAnd if you need higher charge capacity then you can buy Xiaomi Power Bank 10400 mah priced at RS 999.I have used both of them along with some other power banks... and i liked them as they are tough and durable and made of sturdy, Good, durable quality but would say that you wouldn\'t like to keep your phone charging with 10400 mah power bank in your pocket as both mobile and that power bank would make it uncomfortable, comparatively 5200 mah power bank is great in portability

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Digit Test Labs17 - Oct - 2014

Power banks are pretty similar when it comes to functionality. So, if you want a power bank for your mobile, get the Mi power bank of 5200mah since it is very budget friendly and you would able to charge your phone at least twice with it.