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Can't be a poorer product

Part1. The product is not worth buying because of the following : 1. Advertisement stunts: (a) Virtual Reality feature : The phone hardware is ordinary and has no VR advantages. The VR glasses provided with the product is poorly built causes headache after 5 minutes of use. The adjustment knobs in the VR glass are inefficient in superimposing the left and right images to provide the VR effect. The phone doesn't come with a gyroscope, so no real VR games. The power and volume buttons are wrongly positioned and always get pressed while in the VR glass casing. The phone doesn't come with a preinstalled VR player. You need to buy one good quality player that costs extra. (b) The BT watch is not good even for amateurs as the data captured by phone is very erratic. Read part2.

tarunava deb roy
19 Nov 2016
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