aiimssuraj08 - Aug - 20145 Answers

Hey guys, i am planning to buy a tablet but with lots of choices available i am confused. Can you help ? Next Question

I want a tablet within a range of 10k - 15k mainly for reading , browsing and for using interactive sites like Also i want a good processor, long battery life, front camera for video calling and user friendly for easy updates. I can ( does not mean i want to ) compromise with video and audio quality.

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aiimssuraj19 - Aug - 2014

thanks guys.. but one thing nexus 7 does not have a 3g option and nexus 7 2013 32gb 3g model is out of my budget.

Ashutosh Sagar13 - Aug - 2014

From all choices Nexus 7 2013 32gb model is the best among the list so go for it.

aryankaul13 - Aug - 2014

Nexus 7 is the best choice......But hp slate can also be considered

amitinlucknow13 - Aug - 2014

go for hp slate or Lenovo...good brand...good price

vivekbhatt13 - Aug - 2014

Google Nexus 7This device fullfill your all requirement

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