smilinghardik07 - Aug - 20144 Answers

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i need to abt best apps in note 2

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raredreams10 - Aug - 2014

There are Some Apps Which you can must have -Airdroid Android Device ManagerRoot ExplorerAdobe Reader Office Suite

Sheenam10 - Aug - 2014

Just go to top 10\'s tab of this page you will find top 10 best apps there

justgaming10 - Aug - 2014

Depends on what you like to do on your cellFor photoeditingPixlr express, pstouch should sufficeUse xender for file transfer...If you use xender it has inbuilt ftp server you wont need airdroid to connect to pc wirelesslyFor photography the stock camera is pretty good on note2 but for a change try lenovo supercam available on xda

vivekbhatt08 - Aug - 2014