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21 - Jan - 20180 Answers

Which mid rage gaming laptop should be a good buy at present and continued for a few years to go?

I\'m looking to buy a gaming laptop in a budget of 1-1.5 L. My objective is good gaming performance now and for years to ckme. Would Alienware 15 r3 be a good option as well?

21 - Jan - 20180 Answers

laptop suggestion

Hi,I am trying to choose between the following two laptops i5 8th generation one seems to be pretty new in the market and hence not able to find any reviews. I don\'t do gaming or heavy multimedia stuff (except Photoshop or Lightroom once in a while) and hence don\'t see the need for a gfx card.So, any suggestions?

21 - Jan - 20180 Answers

Best laptop for Music Production?

I am Harshit. I want to buy a laptop for producing music, under 45K. What I want in it is, a very good processor(maybe 6th/7th gen i5), a big display17.3 inch would be better, but 15.6 inch is also fine, but it should have good resolution ThunderBolt port, and a decent battery. I don\'t need heavy graphics, but as said above, I should have a good resolution display. Suggest some laptops please!

18 - Jan - 20180 Answers

Between these two Dell laptops (Link provided below), which one would you recommend me?

Dear Sir,I need a laptop at INR 50,000.As per my friend\'s suggestion I arrived at the decision of the followingPlease recommend one laptop out of these two:1.

18 - Jan - 20180 Answers

Which smartphone to buy among Honor View 10, Oneplus 5T and Samsung Galaxy A8+?

I\'m planning to buy a smartphone and can\'t decide between Honor View 10, Oneplus 5T and Samsung Galaxy A8+. So please help and please tell me the reasons which I should keep in mind while buying one.

10 - Jan - 20180 Answers

Which is the best Intel 8th gen motherboard for all price range or category.

Please provide Intel 8th gen motherboard comparison and review.

09 - Jan - 20180 Answers

lenovo z2 plus or mi a1

dual lens doesnot really matter. I would prefer better performance and UI. Plz suggest

07 - Jan - 20181 Answers

which is best buy between certified and unboxed

I want to buy a phone between these two category , which is best buy between certified and unboxed

06 - Jan - 20181 Answers

Need 2tb External Hard disk under 5000

SirI need 2tb hard disk under 5k.. But i cant find it on online.. Maybe you can find out... Help me fast.

05 - Jan - 20180 Answers

Which is best phone upto 20k?

Hi Team,I am looking for a good phone upto INR 20k.The overall performance shall be very good & must have a very good camera(imp point).Please help me to chose the best one.

04 - Jan - 20180 Answers

best bluray writer

I want to buy a bluray writer. Please help me to select a better option Thankyou

03 - Jan - 20181 Answers

Is there any way to download the DVD contents for subscription

Hi,I have subscribed to digit magazine and have been receiving dvds included in subscription. Sadly my laptop doesn\'t have a dvd player. Is there any other way of getting that content

03 - Jan - 20180 Answers

Do you ship magazines to oman ?

I need some of the past issues. Please help me out !

02 - Jan - 20180 Answers

Are PORTRONICS SOUND CHIEF bluetooth speaker worth the money?

Is it a good alternative to home theater and party blaster since it has 72W output? how is the sound quality and built material? what are its alternatives