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17 - Oct - 20170 Answers

An ultrabook with features of DELL XPS 13 in addition with an Graphics Card

I have much interest in the Dell XPS 13 (upcoming one with 8th gen i-core processor). But for one downside i.e. it does not have a dedicated graphics card which will not allow me to play games like Rise of the Tomb Raider. So I would love if any of you guys would recommend me one. My specifications are an ultrabk:At least 8 GB RAM.At least 4 GB graphics card NVIDIA 960 MX or higher.250 GB+ SSD

16 - Oct - 20170 Answers


Which smartphone is best iPhone 7 or Samsung galaxy j5 prime

16 - Oct - 20170 Answers

My budget is 15-17k. Which phone should I go for ?

I am currently using Moto X Style. I loved it because of it\'s camera, front facing speakers etc,. Due to few issues am going for a new phone. I am quite impressed by Moto G5S, Mi A1 and Lenovo K8 Note. My main usage is Camera and listening to music. Please help me in selecting a new phone. Your suggestions also welcome. Thanks.

16 - Oct - 20170 Answers

Laptop for Gaming Within 50-60 K

Hi,I want to buy A Laptop which would would be powerful enough to run High end games Like Arkham Knight or Injustice 2 at Medium or High Settings Within 50-60 K Price range,Altough I have Checked Lenovo Z51 And Yoga 500 Series I want to know what are other available options Thanks

16 - Oct - 20170 Answers

j7 nxt

how can i use my front flash during a vidio call in samsung j7 nxt

16 - Oct - 20170 Answers
14 - Oct - 20170 Answers

Please Suggest Some Mobile Phones Under 15K Range?

Sir, Could you please suggest me an android phone under 15K, having good camera quality on both front and rear side and also having a good picture quality in day as well as in night, and also have a good performance without heating up, and also having a good battery that can last a day, also having latest android updates upcoming in this year.

12 - Oct - 20170 Answers

Looking for a phone. Budget 18,000. Please give me like 5 choices.

I am not a big fan of gaming, I like surfing the net and being on Social Media sites. The battery should last me for the whole day. Yes, I like Photography as well.

12 - Oct - 20170 Answers

InFocus Turbo 5 Plus (Midnight Black, Dual Rear Camera)

1,is both sims work 4g means 4g+4g at a time2,otherwise if i use data 3g sim2 , and 4g sim1 ,will work both sims,4g+3g(data enabled)

11 - Oct - 20170 Answers

What was launch date of lenovo 310s? Has the product been discontinued in India or still available?

I was looking to buy above mentioned laptop but have some concerns.Also,I am looking to buy a laptop with this conf.1TB HDD, 4GB/ 4GB+ RAM, Anti glare sceen preferable, Win 10, i5 7genBudget range 30-42k

10 - Oct - 20170 Answers
10 - Oct - 20170 Answers

Fastrack subscription

Can we exclusively subscribe for Fastrack? I don\'t see any link on website to do so. Please help with process.

07 - Oct - 20170 Answers

Which is better lenovo k8 note or redmi note 4?

I\'m confused between these two phones. Plz tell me which is better.

07 - Oct - 20170 Answers

Best phone under 20000 for my mom

Hi. I want to buy a phone for my mom under 20k. As she is not a frequent changer when it comes to phone , so want a phone that has update with a decent camera . Should i go for moto g5s plus or nokia 6 or samsung galaxy j7 max or any other phone in this range

06 - Oct - 20170 Answers

Which 50 inch UHD HDR TV should I buy within a budget of Rs. 100000?

Hello, Team Digit, I am looking to buy a 50 inch smart UHD TV. I have shortlisted 3 TVs: Sony Bravia X8200E, Samsung MU6470, and LG UJ752T. Also, Kindly suggest if any better options are available at this price point. I can flex my budget a little bit.