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15 - Apr - 20180 Answers

Laptop Buying Recommendations

Hi Team Digit!I\'m an avid reader of your magazine for the past 4 years.I need your help in recommending a laptop for me. I\'m a first time buyer.Here\'s the specification list:#1- Good graphic memory (1GB+)#2-1 TB storage #3- 6-8GB RAM#4 Long battery performance off the charging cord#5- Latest or good performing processor #6 Should have most recent features (WLAN, USB 3.0, etc)Rs.50Korbelo

15 - Apr - 20180 Answers

What\'s the best phone Nokia 8 or Nokia 7 plus ?

Recently Nokia launched it\'s Nokia 7 plus at 26k in India and earlier nokia also reduced the price of Nokia 8 around the same amount as Nokia 7 plus. So, what\'s the best deal among these two if both are priced at the same amount around 26k-27k ?

13 - Apr - 20180 Answers

Opinion on Moto G5s plus.

Hello, I want to purchase Moto g5s plus but i have read review that its turbo charger starts malfunctioning very soon after purchase and also there are other battery problems like overnight draining. I want to ask whether this is a frequent problem or a rare one and can it be resolved on service centres easily.

09 - Apr - 20180 Answers

Which Mobile is best Vivo V9 or Oppo F7 128 GB

I Want to purchase mobile. But I am confuse between Vivo V9 & Oppo F7 128 GB. Please guidance me. Is V9 & Oppo F7 both have 3 slots for sim & memory or its hybrid sim slots. I use 2 sims & I also want to use memory card & so, I want 3 slots of sim & memory card. Please advice me & Send me E-mail.

08 - Apr - 20180 Answers
06 - Apr - 20180 Answers

Need new tablet for browsing and reading PDFs & comics and taking notes.

I have Lenovo Yoga 3 (2GB Ram). I mainly use this for reading PDFs & browsing. I always felt that performance of this tab is slow considering I use Redmi Note 4 as my primary phone. I want something faster especially for browsing and reading PDF. My budget is near 25K. Will upcoming ipad (2018) fit my need (although it also has 2 GB Ram)? You can suggest other android tab also.

02 - Apr - 20180 Answers

What are blackberry options in India?

blackberry mobile phones available in India

02 - Apr - 20180 Answers

Plans to get an \'Action Camera\'. Please help!

Planning to buy an action camera for the first time. No suggestions from friends or family (or any other known person). Internet search narrowed me down to SJCam 7, GoPro Hero 5 Black and the newly launched entry-level GoPro Hero. Budget as well as quality (both product quality and video quality including low-light and image stabilization) are of concern to me. help me out here.

02 - Apr - 20180 Answers

High range portable battery operated WiFi hub/router for localhost server based app

Hello,I am creating an server based app to be used by a team in remote (no internet) area. Team will be communicating with localhost mobile server. For that I need portable, battery chargeable/operated long range, low cost WiFi router. Can you suggest?

01 - Apr - 20180 Answers

Android downgrade

I am planning to downgrade my Lenovo tab 2 A10 70L back to KitKat 4.4.4 which came with it previously.i cannot find a tutorial I trust.If you have any methods to do so please reply.G

26 - Mar - 20181 Answers

I\'m planning to buy a gaming laptop and the budget is upto 2 Lakhs. Should I go with ASUS ROG or MSI?

Requirements is Nvidia Geforce 1070 and FHD or UHD Display with refresh rate of 144 Hz and nVidia G-Sync. I\'ll be using it for Gaming n Game Designing. So RAM should be also upgradable to 32GB and performance should be high up the notch. Suggestions needed asap. Thanks!

26 - Mar - 20180 Answers

Best 2.1 speaker under 3000

I want to buy a 2.1 speaker under 3000 please suggest me the one with best sound quality..

26 - Mar - 20180 Answers

Reviews are biased

Honor 7x has more spec score than Redmi note 5 pro .And no sluggish issues

25 - Mar - 20180 Answers

I want to buy a monitor for game recording (budget 20-25k).

Hey guys i am going for a Ryzen 5 APU build for the CPU and my purpose is to buy the PC for playing games and recording the content for my YouTube channel. I want to buy a monitor in which i can record games at higher quality 1440P preferably and it would also help if the monitor provides good frequency response and 1-5 ms parameters, but the primary aim is to have good display overall.

22 - Mar - 20180 Answers

FB group member cannot post

Members of a closed FB group can comment on others\' posts but CANNOT upload their own posts, despite the fact that (being the administrator) under \"Story Posting Permissions\" I checked \"nyone in the group\". What is the problem and how can I fix it?