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05 - Jul - 20180 Answers

Which laptop to buy?

I have selected lenovo legion Y520 (80WK00R1IN) & msi gl62 7rxd, which one should I buy?

04 - Jul - 20180 Answers

recommendations for laptop

Hello Digit,I want to buy a thin and light weight laptop consisting og 8gb RAM, SSD , core I5 7th or 8th gen , Graphic Card NOT necessary , price should be under 60000 what are my best options.

02 - Jul - 20180 Answers

urgent tv need

Please help me buy a new tv as my current tv is already dead budget is 100000 rs

01 - Jul - 20180 Answers

When my charger was down, 6.0v- 800mA adapter. When the moment i plugged in, my mobile got switched off.

When my charger was down, 6.0v- 800mA adapter. When the moment i plugged in, my mobile got switched off. Now my mobile is not working. Please help me.

27 - Jun - 20180 Answers

Facing problem at the time of booting the computer

I tried to boot windows 10 OS to my laptop using bootable Pendrive. I buy the windows 10 OS from Contact Arlo support. At the time of booting, it throwing some error. How can I fix it?

27 - Jun - 20180 Answers

Boult Echo wireless pods review

How did u write such a fake and untrue review about Boult echo wireless pods. It\'s a total waste of money. I wasted 2500 after getting entrapped by your sponsored and biased review

25 - Jun - 20180 Answers

For working professional

which is better for business application and personal use: HP Elitebook 840 G5 and HP elite 1030 G2 X 360

15 - Jun - 20180 Answers

Locked out of PC

Recently i booted into safe mode on my pc. I was using a pin for my administrator account for a long time so i don\'t remember my password. When i tried to log in to my administrator account in safe mode I was not able to as it requires a password and not a pin.I have a guest account as well which works as i remember the password for it, but i cant access my administrator data. I don\'t want to lo

13 - Jun - 20180 Answers

Suggest A laptop within a range of 70k INR.

Is for a CSE student. Should have large space, enough RAM and Graphic card memory so as it doesn\'t lag while working on software and app development, have long battery life, doesn\'t heat very quickly, and animation works can be done. 70,000 is the budget.

08 - Jun - 20180 Answers

which is the best phone i should buy.

I want a good battery backup. there are many in the list so i am little bit confused and wanted to know which is the best among them.

08 - Jun - 20180 Answers

Could you please sugget me good earphones ?

Hey Guys, I m reading your magazine since few years now. And I m looking for a decent bluetooth earphone with good battery life. I have already checked out skullcandy but it had poor to average reviews on amazon.I have a budget of below 3000. Could you please suggest a good one ? Thanks in advance.

02 - Jun - 20180 Answers

Best soundbar with superb bass

Subwoofer must be wireless price range under 15k I like jbl sb150 around 11k on fk Is this good?

01 - Jun - 20180 Answers

DSLR within 30K

Hi,Please suggest which dslr camera i should buy within 30K price