Mini-LED TV technology explained

Mini LED TVs come with a new form of mini-LED backlighting. The new backlighting brings a host of features users can exploit.

By Sameer Mitha | Published 12 Sep 2021 12:35 IST
Mini LED is a new form of TV backlighting technology

Mini-LED is the latest evolution in TV backlighting technology and not just a marketing gimmick. Traditionally, LED lights would backlight the TV, and while this technology is still used in premium TVs, Mini-LEDs bring with them the advantages found on OLED TVs without compromises in brightness or the risk of bur-in. So, let’s break down and understand what Mini-LED TVs are and why you should consider purchasing one.


What are Mini-LED TVs?

Mini-LEDs are small LED’s that act as the backlight of your TV. To put things into perspective, they are one fifth the size of a traditional LED backlighting a TV. A single Mini-LED light- measures about 0.008-inch. There are thousands of these Mini-LED backlighting Mini-LED TVs. Mini-LEDs are just the backlighting of the TV which means they can power a traditional LED TV or even a QLED TV. 

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What are the key advantages of Mini-LED TVs?

A Mini-LED TV has a lot of advantages when compared to a traditional LED TV. To start with, you can achieve OLED like black levels on a Mini-LED TV. Budget Mini-LED TVs can have hundreds of Mini-LED backlighting the TV, while the more premium ones can have more than a thousand. Just like Full-Array backlit LED TVs, Mini-LED TVs also have dimming zones. This means that the LEDs are grouped into zones on the TV that switch off to simulate the colour black on the TV. This helps Mini-LED TVs achieve OLED-like black levels. 

Unlike OLED TVs, Mini-LED TVs don't have the risk of burn-in. So, they can get as bright as an LED-backlit TV. Mini-LED TVs offer the best of both worlds with LED TV like brightness and OLED TV like black levels. Mini-LED TVs are thinner than traditional LED TVs and can almost achieve OLED TV like slimness in design.  


How are Mini-LED TVs different from OLED TVs?

As mentioned above, Mini-LEDs are LEDs backlighting the TV, but they are much smaller than traditional LED backlighting. In OLED TVs, every pixel on the screen is self-emitting. This means that an OLED can achieve true blacks. However, with the small size of a Mini-LED and the division of dimming zones, a high-end Mini-LED TV can come quite close to the black levels of an LED TV. 

OLED TVs have vibrant colours, but they aren’t the brightest. A traditional LED TV can get a lot brighter than a similarly priced OLED TV. Mini-LEDs aim to maintain the brightness of a traditional LED TV along with enhancing the black levels to match that of an OLED.


OLED TVs have some of the best viewing angles available on a TV. Mini-LEDs are just the backlighting of the TV, and hence, it depends on the panel the Mini-LED TV brings. An IPS panel will have better viewing angles than a VA panel.  

Which brands sell Mini-LED TVs in India?

Currently, we have Samsung, TCL and LG offering Mini-LED TVs in India.

TCL C825 55-inch 4K Mini LED TV Key Specs, Price and Launch Date

Rs. 109990
Release Date: 30 Jun 2021
Variant: None
Market Status: Launched

Key Specs

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