Apple enables Face ID with Mask and Universal Control in new Beta Updates

By Deepak Singh | Published 28 Jan 2022 17:59 IST
iOS 15.4 Beta adds new 'Use Face ID with a mask' option, iPadOS 15.4 Beta and macOS Monterey 12.3 Beta bring in Universal Control.

Apple has finally added a much-awaited feature to the iOS 15.4 Beta and iPad OS 15.4 Beta updates that have started rolling out for developers. iPhone users will be able to unlock using Face ID even with a mask put on. iPadOS and MacOS, on the other hand, will get Universal control that lets users type with Mac Keyboards on iPad simply by placing the iPad next to their Mac PCs.  


Use FaceID with a Mask

After the update, users will not need an Apple Watch paired with the phone for the unlocking to work. In fact, they will also be able to use Apple Pay, use Autofill in Safari browser, and authenticate third-party app logins while keeping their face masks. 

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Apple does caution users that the Face ID will be “most accurate” with full face recognition. With the “Use FaceID with a Mask” option enabled, your iPhone will recognize “unique features around the eye area”.  
On the downside, this FaceID with Mask option will only be available for iPhone 12 and later. So, iPhone X and iPhone 11 users will have to remain content with FaceID with Apple Watch feature for now which is only limited to unlocking the phone. 

iOS 15.4 Beta is now available only for developers and is an official release for masses is expected later in spring. 

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Universal Control 

Image Source: MacRumours

Universal Control was first announced at WWDC in June 2021. As stated above, the feature allows users to use a single keyboard and mouse for their Mac and iPad (or both) in close proximity. The option is reportedly enabled by default with iPadOS 15.4. The feature uses Apple continuity to establish a connection between the two devices and both should have the same Apple ID logged in. 


There is no official word on when Apple will push out the official iPadOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3 update, but we can expect the feature to be available this spring. 

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