ZTE to unveil high-end Axon smartphone next month in New York City

By Souvik Das | Published 26 Jun 2015 16:50 IST
  • New high-end Axon smartphone from ZTE reportedly features 4GB of RAM and dual-lens primary camera.

ZTE to unveil high-end Axon smartphone next month in New York City

ZTE is reportedly set to launch a new premium smartphone, dubbed ‘Axon’. The launch is due next month, on July 14, at a private event in New York City. Although the phone has not yet been directly marketed by ZTE, Axon’s microsite has codes that link to ZTE. Additionally, Axon’s office address directs to a ZTE office.


Axon reportedly features 4GB of RAM, more than a number of flagship smartphones currently in the market (only Asus Zenfone 2 is known to have 4GB of RAM so far). It also has a dual-lens camera (like the HTC One M9 Plus and Honor 6 Plus) that will improve image focusing and detect depth of focus. The camera will also be capable of recording 4K videos. The front camera will also include a smile detector. In terms of audio, the Axon will be the “first true high-fidelity phone available in the U.S.”, with Hi-Fi sound playback and twin microphones capable of recording in high fidelity. Other specifications are yet to be confirmed, with Axon claiming to feature ‘lightning-fast processor’ and a ‘large battery’.


ZTE has launched the premium Nubia smartphones that have mostly focused on the Asian markets, and this new series of Axon smartphones will first be launched for US only. The Axon will be made available in three colours - Phthalo Blue, Ion Gold and Chromium Silver. Axon has an ongoing promotional venture, named ‘You Wish’, where participants will need to share futuristic ideas of a smartphone, and prizes include $10,000 or an Axon smartphone. While nothing has been mentioned about the pricing, an approximate price of $450 (Rs. 28,627) is expected.

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