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Google’s 2-Step Verification has rolled out

Google has begun rolling out its 2-step verification mandate to over 150 million accounts as of 9th November.

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 09 Nov 2021 17:57 IST
Google’s 2-Step Verification has rolled out

Earlier this year, Google had revealed that it would be rolling out its new 2-step verification protocol to keep accounts safe. Now, the tech giant has begun rolling out the mandate, and this means that it has begun the process of enrolling close to 150 million accounts automatically. Currently, the process has been initiated for the first wave of accounts that have completed all their configuration requirements. In fact, Google has informed these users that the 2-step verification will be activated automatically on their accounts by 9th November.


Who will get the automatic enrollment by 9 November?

According to Google, accounts that have not signed up for the 2-step verification already will be automatically enrolled for the same. However, this statement only holds true for accounts that have completed their configuration requirements. Any account with a phone number or recovery email linked to it is eligible for the 2-step verification protection. Accounts without the same are not eligible for the protection as of now.

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How can you sign up for 2-Step verification on Gmail?

Here’s some good news for those who want to protect their accounts. You can sign up for two-step verification on your own, and don’t have to wait for the company to enroll you. Doing so is quite easy. All you need to do is follow these steps: Google > Select Account > Security > Signing In to Google > 2-step verification. Provided that your phone number or recovery email is linked to your Google Account, you will be able to initiate the verification instantly. 

Additionally, you can also turn off the 2-step verification system in case you don’t want it on your account. However, according to Google, this makes your account less secure, so you might not want to do the same. 


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