PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 patch notes confirm RageGear EvoGround mode, new classic mode features and more

By Shubham Sharma | Published on 10-Dec-2019

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PUBG Mobile will soon be updated to version 0.16.0, and we previously reported on some of the new features that could be made available with it. Now, developers of the mobile battle royale title have released the official update 0.16.0 patch notes, which confirms all the new features that will be made available. The developers also announced that the update will be made available from December 11 with no downtime on the server and will be 0.67GB in size on both Android and iOS. Here are some of the major new additions to the game that you need to know about. 

PUBG Mobile developers posted the complete patch notes on Reddit. Highlights of the new update include the addition of RageGear, a new EvoGround mode, along with Snow Paradise and new Healing Updates that are being added as new Classic Mode features. RageGear will divide players into two teams and randomly assign them as either driver or shooters. The objective here is to destroy enemy vehicles. Additionally, players now have a chance to enter Snow Paradise while queuing for Erangel in Classic mode and this mode enables users to take cable cars on mountains and play freestyle snowboarding. 


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Taking a leaf out of Call Of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile developers have added a weapon loadout option as well. Players can enter the loadout screen from the Team Deathmatch selection screen to access and edit weapons that will be available in-game. Additionally, PUBG Mobile is finally getting the option that enables players to heal themselves while moving. However, movement speed will be reduced while doing so. There are also some new update rewards for those who update the game before December 17. They will get 50 silver, 3-day winter dress and 2,888 BP. 

Here's the complete PUBG Mobile update 0.16.0 patch notes:

1. New EvoGround mode - RageGear:

  • Destroy enemy vehicles to win

  • Each vehicle is installed with powerful weapons, including the mounted Gatling, mounted Shotgun, and mounted RPG.

  • Driver also gets to fire weapons while driving the vehicle.

  • Get RageGear-exclusive items for a distinctive tactical effect.

  • RageGear -TDM mode: Destroy an enemy vehicle for 1 point. The team that achieves the target score first wins.

  • Pick Up mode: The team that collects the required number of Point Crates first wins. Point Crates collected are lost once the vehicle is destroyed.

  • 2. Classic Mode - Snow Paradise:

  • Once players enter the match, they will be able to take cable cars on snow mountains and play freestyle snowboarding.

  • 3. EvoGround - Loadout:

  • The variety of weapons that you can use in the loadout increases along with your Evo Level. Each firearm has its own mastery level, which players can raise to unlock more attachments.

  • The firearms, ammo and other resources that are generated at the spawn point in the Team Deathmatch map will be removed. By default, all firearms that are dropped when an enemy is killed in Team Deathmatch will have all attachments.

  • 4. TPP Update:

  • Tap the button to switch to FPP even while inside a TPP match.

  • The button can be moved and even be disabled in settings.

  • 5. Classic mode - Healing while moving:

  • Movement speed will be reduced while using consumables.

  • 6. Classic mode - Healing continuously:

    7. Backpack Ornament:

  • Ornaments sway naturally after they are hung on a backpack.

  • 8. Spectator tier restrictions:

  • Prevent cheaters from benefiting illegally from this feature.

  • 9. Friendly fire kill restrictions:

  • Report a teammate for friendly fire to stop the responsible teammate from performing further actions during the current match.

  • 10. Slide settings:

  • The sliding feature can be enabled/disabled in Settings.

  • Once it is disabled, sliding will not be triggered in Team Deathmatch the actions of Classic mode will be maintained.

  • 11. Theme Gallery:

  • Players will receive a reward once they collect all items in the Theme Gallery.

  • 12. Playing again after the match is done:

  • Those who accept the invitation will return to the Lobby automatically and team up with the player.

  • 13. Adding friends after the match is done:

  • When the invite friend feature is used, teammates will see the invitations sent by players.

  • Teammates can directly add players as a friend without waiting for the player to verify it again.

  • 14. Auto-Buffering features:

  • If the frame rate is too low, it will help players lower the graphics quality of the match for smooth combat experience.

  • 15. Rooms:

    16. Pack download reward:

    17. Achievements:

    Other Improvements:

    1. Classic mode - Firearm balancing:

  • AWM: Bullet damage lowered slightly from 132 to 120.

  • SMG: Damage to the torso increased by 5% and damage to the limbs increased by 5%.

  • Crossbow: Damage to the torso increased by 40%, from 1.0 to 1.4, and damage to the limbs increased by 20% from 1.0 to 1.2.

  • S12K: Damage of each bullet increased from 22 to 24.

  • Sawed-off shotgun: Damage of each shot fired increased from 20 to 22.

  • S686/S1897: Damage of each bullet increased from 24 to 26.

  • Shotguns: Maximum traveling distance of shots decreased from 1,000m to 150m.

  • Duckbill: Changed "increased the horizontal spread of shotgun bullets and reduced vertical spread" to "increased the vertical spread of shotgun bullets and reduced horizontal spread".

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    2. Improvements to the BRDM-2:

  • Players from other teams cannot get in.

  • 3. Leaning improvements:

    4. Performance improvements:

  • Improved the rendering resource usage for high-spec models in TDM.

  • Reduced resource usage for some high-spec models.

  • Improved the basic frame rate of some low-spec models to increase smoothness.

  • Further reduced the resource usage of various models in battle.

  • Smoothness when rotating the camera, opening scope and moving through the map has been improved.

  • Reduced the loading time required for some Android devices to enter battle.

  • 5. Actions:

    6. Settings:

  • Players can set different UIs for Classic mode, Team Deathmatch, and Infection.

  • 7. Outfit selection:

    8. Improvements to the sharing screen:

    9. Improvements to the Lab:

    Bug Fixes: Scene Bugs:

  • Fixed a bug in Miramar which could cause players to become stuck in a confined space.

  • Fixed a bug in Vikendi which caused players become stuck in stones.

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