WhatsApp video calls get picture-in-picture mode: Here's how it works in the beta phase

By G. S. Vasan | Published 04 Dec 2022 13:20 IST
  • WhatsApp beta for iOS gets picture-in-picture mode for video calls.

  • We will see how this WhatsApp feature works.

  • Also, we will tell you how to get this WhatsApp update.

WhatsApp video calls get picture-in-picture mode: Here's how it works in the beta phase

This new WhatsApp update could make the video calling experience on the app even better. As per WABetaInfo, a new WhatsApp beta update submitted through TestFlight on iOS reveals the release of picture-in-picture mode for video calls on the instant messaging service. For the unversed picture-in-picture, shortly called PiP mode would let the user minimize the video call screen to a small floating window. You could drag the WhatsApp PiP window across the screen and drop it anywhere you like. From the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, we learn that the PiP window can be accessed from the phone homescreen and other places outside WhatsApp.



How to get WhatsApp picture-in-picture mode


WhatsApp for iOS version is the one that brings this feature. So, if you are part of the TestFlight beta Program, you can check for this update and if you are lucky, you may get the picture-in-picture mode on WhatsApp video calls. Since the feature must be in the early stages of testing, it may appear to more users in a phased manner and the beta testers who get it may come across some teething troubles. Not to mention, the feature should be showing up on Android phones also.


WABetaInfo states that this feature is compatible with iOS 15 and above. But, since they tested it on an iOS 16.1 device, it can’t be said for sure if the feature has been enabled on iOS 15 yet.

Another thing to note is that WhatsApp picture-in-picture mode is available on the latest WhatsApp Business beta app also.

How WhatsApp Picture-in-picture mode works


So as already mentioned, in order to check if the feature is working, you have to do a video call with someone on WhatsApp. Then, swipe up from the bottom to go to the homescreen or do any form of multitasking. The ongoing WhatsApp video call should appear in a PiP window.  


As WABetaInfo notes, this feature relies on iOS APIs and so you could temporarily hide the video call window to the side, if you want.

That’s all we know about this feature for now. 

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