Whatsapp iOS testers get 'search by date' feature, Android Beta testing for tablets commences

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 02 Dec 2022 17:24 IST
  • Whatsapp is working on a tablet version of the app, and the same has been made available to beta testers on Android.

  • Meanwhile, iOS testers are gaining access to a new “search by date feature” that lets users seach for messages by selecting dates.

  • There is no indication as to when these features will roll out to the masses.

Whatsapp iOS testers get 'search by date' feature, Android Beta testing for tablets commences

Whatsapp's new update allows beta testers on Android that will allow the application to be run on tablets. Beta testers can log into the tablet version of the application by linking their existing account on their smartphones (the say way one would link an existing account with the Whatsapp Desktop application). Until this update, it was impossible to access Whatsapp on a secondary Android device, but with the brand working on companion mode, this is certainly one of the critical steps in that direction. On a similar note, beta testers on Whatsapp for iOS are now seeing a new feature that lets them find messages based on the dates they were received or set. 


According to WABetaInfo, testers who are a part of the app’s beta programme can see a banner announcing the new feature. The banner says “Have an Android tablet? WhatsApp for tablet is available for beta testers.' It is important to note that the banner is only visible to those who have the WhatsApp beta update for Android. Without this, the app will not be compatible with tablets. 


WABetaInfo has also indicated that the tablet version of Whatsapp may not have all the features that the smartphone version of the app does. They said “Note that some features may still not be available when installing WhatsApp on your tablet, for example, the ability to share a new status update, live locations, and broadcast lists,”

New features for Whatsapp iOS Beta testers

Apart from announcing the tablet version of the app, WABetaInfo has revealed that beta testers on Whatsapp iOS are gaining access to a brand-new feature that allows them to search for text messages based on the sending or receiving date. To check whether you have access to this feature, all you need to do is click the search icon and then select the calendar icon that appears alongside. In case the calendar icon is not visible, it means that you do not have access to the feature. This new feature is available on WhatsApp version 


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For more technology news, product reviews, sci-tech features and updates, keep reading Digit.in or head to our Google News page.

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