YouTube Picture-In-Picture Mode On iPhone Goes Live: How To Use YouTube PiP Mode

By G. S. Vasan | Published 12 Jul 2022 18:38 IST
  • YouTube PiP Mode on iPhones and iPads is rolling out to paid global subscribers.

  • YouTube Picture-in-Picture is free for US users.

  • You can use YouTube background play by default.

YouTube PiP and Background Playback How To

Google is finally adding a YouTube feature that fans of the platform have wanted for a long on the mobile side of things. Yes, we are talking about the Picture-in-Picture mode. YouTube app for iOS finally has it. It is being released to YouTube Premium users in the global markets while in the US, free users can also avail of it. 


As TeamYouTube tweeted: It’s been a long time coming!

What is YouTube PiP Mode?

PiP stands for Picture-in-Picture Mode. What it does is run YouTube in a smaller window that hovers on the screen. It will be like a floating window that you can interact with and move across the screen as you feel.

It will work on iOS and iPadOS 15.0 or above.

YouTube Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Availability:

  • Non-Premium Members: Only the US customers can use YouTube PiP freely for non-music content.
  • Premium Members: All global (including the US) customers can enjoy YouTube PiP for both music and non-music content. 

Uses Of YouTube PiP Mode

You can watch YouTube in a smaller floating window that lets you multitask while enjoying a YouTube video. 

This also helps in following a how-to YouTube guide.

You can attend online classes on YouTube and jot down the notes in real time on your iPhone or iPad.

How To Enable YouTube PiP Mode

To enable YouTube PiP, go to YouTube Settings > General and toggle on Picture-in-Picture. 

As for how to use YouTube PiP Mode, you just have to play a YouTube video and when you want to try PiP, leave the YouTube app by swiping up from the bottom of your screen, or tap the home button on older iPhones. The video will open in a mini player which is what we call PiP.

How To Enable YouTube Background Playback

“If you don’t turn on PiP, you’ll still be able to use background play by default (based on your feedback from our experiments),” notes YouTube.

YouTube for iPhone also supports background playback. You can slide the YouTube mini player to an edge and it will minimize, allowing just audio output. So, in effect, you can enjoy YouTube background playback.

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