How To Watch YouTube On Apple Watch: Two Methods

By G. S. Vasan | Published 23 Jun 2022 16:01 IST
YouTube on Apple Watch: How To

Apple Watch users, now you can now experience YouTube on the wearable on your wrist. One of the available methods till now involved only the default Messages app. However, that was more of a workaround. So, now, we have a new way to watch YouTube on Apple Watch that just needs you to install an app called WatchTube. Let’s see how both methods work and you can choose the one you like.


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How to watch YouTube On Apple Watch using WatchTube

1. Go to watchOS App Store on your Apple Watch.

2. Search for WatchTube. Select the relevant suggestion. Read about the app if you want.

3. Install WatchTube.

4. The homescreen of the app will present trending videos. You can watch any of those suggested videos or search any video and play it.

You can search by typing with the default keyboard or use dictation and scribble. The top results will comprise of videos as well as channels.

The WatchTube UI consists of four tabs viz. Home, Search, Library, and Settings. Within the Home section, you will see the trending videos. You can save videos you like and even subscribe to the channels you prefer. They will show up under the Library section. 

You can listen to the videos over headphones or built-in speakers of the Apple Watch.

The app also offers captions and the option to share videos to other smartphones or tablets using QR codes.

Now, coming to the only issue (if you will) with WatchTube is that it lacks Google Sign-in and so your watch history and activity won’t be synced with your YouTube account. Perhaps, the developer can bring this feature to the app. One other feature that WatchTube is going to get is an audio-only listening option. That’d be cool to have. Let’s see.

How to watch YouTube On Apple Watch using Messages

This method didn’t work for us. But it has apparently worked for some in the internet. So, you may try. It works as follows:

1. Go to YouTube app or website on your iPhone/iPad and underneath the video you want to share, tap on the Share button. 

2. Open the Messages app. 

3. Hit the compose button. 

4. Pick yourself or your alternate number in the recipient box.

5. In the message box, hold press and hit the Paste option.

6. Send the link and that should appear as an embedded link.

7. Open the Messages app on your Apple Watch and go to this particular conversation/message. Tap on the embedded video and watch it.

That’s about it. So, we hope either of the methods should work for you. Have fun!

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