Top 10 Best Telegram Premium Features at $4.99 per month

By G. S. Vasan | Published 20 Jun 2022 21:28 IST
  • Telegram offers a premium subscription service now.

  • The free version of Telegram will still get updates and new features.

  • Telegram Premium Features are on top of those free features.

Telegram Premium Features List

Telegram has a whopping 700 million userbase and touts to be one of the top-5 downloaded apps worldwide this year. So, if Telegram was chipping away users from its competition thanks to its plethora of features and quality of user experience, the company has an ace up its sleeve. It is called Telegram Premium and as the name indicates, this is a new paid subscription tier that costs $4.99 (~₹388.83) a month. It includes a host of new things that expands upon existing free-tiered Telegram features.


So, without faffing around, let’s quickly jump on to the list — 

List of The Best Telegram Features

1. Larger file uploads of up to 4GB

2. Faster download speeds 

3. Maintain up to 4 accounts within a single Telegram app and have up to up to 20 public links.

4. Follow up to 1000 channels, up to 20 chat folders, up to 200 chats each and pin 10 chats in the main list.

5. No ads in public channels

6. Full screen animated premium stickers along with new emojis.

7. Voice message transcription

8. Longer bios with a link

9. Animated profile pictures

10. Change default chat folder

So, all in all, on the Telegram Premium, things appear to be faster, bigger, and with better user profile and chat management settings. There are some exclusive treats too in the mix.


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