Netflix’s Two Thumbs Up Rating Goes Live: Here Is The Idea Behind It

By G. S. Vasan | Published 12 Apr 2022 16:06 IST
  • You can hit the double thumbs-up sign to rate Netflix movies and shows.

  • This shows that you love that particular content on Netlfix and not just like it.

  • The new Netflix feature is available on Android, iPhone, TV, as well as the official Netflix site.


Netflix has introduced a Two Thumbs Up option right next to the single Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down options. You hit a double thumbs up on a piece of content to tell Netflix that you really love it while the other two are self-explanatory and you must be already familiar with them. Speaking of which the company had apparently tried a couple of other reaction systems like a heart, an applause icon, and a shooting star. After a while of A/B testing, it has finally landed on the dual thumbs up. 


Here’s how that process took place and what you can do with the new rating method at your disposal.

Netflix Two Thumbs Up: What's The Idea?

According to Protocol, Netflix has been working for more than a year to come up with a new reaction option beyond the usual thumbs up (denoting like). The logic is to differentiate a show or movie as really special or loved, more than the content one just likes.


This was apparently something requested by its audience and reflected in the A/B testing results. Also, it was matching the platform’s prevailing iconography.

During this period, it had experimented with the heart, star, clap, and other reactionary signs, that you may find on other social media platforms. However, it found none of them was working the way it wanted (engagement-wise). 


“We had a lot of interviews and surveys, [and] the heart was not really resonating,” says Doig-Cardet, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix.

“We're capturing insights from our customer service, from surveys, from interviews that we're doing, and using all of that to inform [what] we should be investing in and testing,” adds ​​Mr. Cardet while speaking about the whole objective testing process.


This means you could expect more such changes going forward and sometimes, you might be just part of a similar test. 

In the meantime, you could revise your current ratings for movies and shows on Netflix and it is available on mobile as well as the web.

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