Instagram’s new feature will tell you if the app is malfunctioning

Instagram is testing a new feature that will let users know when the app is facing technical glitches and outages.

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 13 Oct 2021 20:07 IST
Instagram’s new feature will tell you if the app is malfunctioning

Instagram announced on Monday that it will be testing a feature that informs users of technical issues and outages in the app. This comes after a 6-hour long outage on 04 October left the company with a 6 Billion Dollar loss. 


Why is Instagram’s new feature needed?

Apart from long outages, Instagram has also been facing technical issues that disrupt the ability of content creators to upload media onto the app. With the social media platform trying to merge multiple functionalities like Reels, Instagram stories, Instagram videos, and posts, users frequently face issues that hamper the reach of their content. 

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This new feature should help users identify potential issues and create content plans based on the same. It can prevent them from uploading content during an outage period and mitigate the risk of that content piece not reaching its full potential.

When is Instagram’s new feature rolling out?

Instagram will also roll out a feature that will let users know if their accounts are at-risk for being disabled. This should go a long way in helping creators reformulate their marketing approach and adhere to the platform’s guidelines. 


Instagram, and its parent company, Facebook, have been making headlines after The Wall Street Journal exposed Instagram’s knowledge of how it harms teen girls. The app is working on a new feature called Nudge, which is designed to help steer people away from harmful content. 

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