You can now use Flipboard in your web browser

The popular mobile app, Flipboard, is now available for users on the web with all the same features as the mobile app.

Published Date
12 - Feb - 2015
| Last Updated
12 - Feb - 2015
You can now use Flipboard in your web browser

Popular mobile app, Flipboard, is now available on the web. The company announced the launch of in a mail sent to users and also through a blog post. The app has been popular among smartphone users, in fact, it is so popular that Samsung signed a partnership with Flipboard, making it a part of its flagship devices. Flipboard shows up as an entire screen on devices like the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5, functioning a lot like HTC’s BlinkFeed.

Click here to go to the Flipboard website.

In fact, many users who like HTC’s Blinkfeed, but don’t have an HTC device, have used Flipboard to get similar functionality. The app lets you integrate your social networks into it and brings an aggregation of stories from your social network feeds along with news from other sources as well.

Flipboard had originally been developed as an iOS app, but quickly came to the Android and even the Windows app stores. The new Flipboard Desktop has a responsive layout, which changes based on screen sizes. The web version will have all the content that is available on the mobile app, along with features like sharing on social networks etc.

You can read the company's full blog post here.

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