You can get Apple Music on iPhones, iPads, Macs and PCs in India now

Apple Music was announced at WWDC recently and is available with the new iOS 8.4 update. Android users will have to wait for about a month.

Published Date
01 - Jul - 2015
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06 - Jun - 2017
You can get Apple Music on iPhones, iPads, Macs and PCs in India...

The iOS 8.4 update has been rolling out to users in India since last night, and with it comes Apple Music. The Cupertino California based company’s new music streaming service is of course limited to Apple users right now, but the Apple Music website says that the Android update is coming in autumn this year. As announced earlier, the service will cost Rs. 120 per month for individual users, while family plans can be purchased for Rs. 190 per month. The family plan allows six accounts to be operated, all of which will be separate from each other.

It is important to note that Apple Music currently has a three month trial period and you won’t be charged before that time. This means Apple will start charging you from September onwards. As mentioned above, the Apple Music service is available to Apple users, which means that if you own an iPhone, iPad or a Mac, you can start using the service. For iPhone and iPad users, the iOS 8.4 update is required, while Mac users will need to update to the newest version of iTunes. In addition, Windows PC users can also get Apple Music by updating their iTunes software to the newest version. Lastly, if you happen to own an Apple Watch, Apple Music is compatible with that too.

The music streaming service was announced by Apple recently and the company has incorporated Beats 1 radio into the service, making it the only real Internet ‘radio’. The Beats 1 station is a global radio station, which will air original shows and music around the clock. Upon downloading the iOS update, the Music app on your iPhone or iPad will be completely transformed to the new Apple Music app. You will find the following sections — For You, Radio, Connect, New and My Music. What each section does is pretty self explanatory. We're currently using Apple Music ourselves, so expect a more detailed article on its ups and downs and what we think of it soon.

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