Xiaomi Mi FileExplorer with FTP server feature now available from Play Store

Xiaomi Mi FileExplorer is the second app after Mi Calculator to be made available from the Play Store. The app is compatible with not only Xiaomi's own devices but also those from other manufacturers.

Published Date
21 - Sep - 2017
| Last Updated
21 - Sep - 2017
Xiaomi Mi FileExplorer with FTP server feature now available from...

Xiaomi has released its Mi FileExplorer app on Google Play Store after releasing the Mi Calculator app early this month. The Chinese smartphone maker is following in the footsteps of other Android OEMs by distributing its own apps directly through Play Store. While OEMs restrict their apps to their own devices on Play Store, Xiaomi is letting anyone with an Android smartphone to use its apps. 

The app is marked as unreleased, meaning it's still in beta and it doesn't seem to be available here in India. The app is available for free and should be compatible with a wide variety of smartphones. Android Police reports that the app is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Tab S2 but not Nexus 7 (2013) tablet.

The Mi FileExplorer is similar to the built-in browser on most Android smartphones and features a regular list of the directory to browse different content. The Mi FileExplorer also has an option where users can see content based on different categories like videos, documents, images and even APK. Like most file explorer on the Play Store, this one also has a search function and allows for renaming, moving, copying, deleting or sharing function.

While the Mi FileExplorer looks like just another file browser, it a neat trick up its sleeves. The file explorer has native support for zip/rar archive for compressing and decompressing files. It also makes it easier to clear cache memory and FTP server support allows users to browse their device's storage from a nearby computer.

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