Would you pay Rs. 1600 for an Angry Birds game membership?

Developer Rovio is adding a new revenue stream to Angry Birds, but this one seems far fetched.

Published Date
16 - Jun - 2017
| Last Updated
16 - Jun - 2017
Would you pay Rs. 1600 for an Angry Birds game membership?

Would you pay $25 for what could easily qualify as one of the most popular mobile games ever? Developer Rovio has seen lots of success with its mobile game Angry Birds. Starting from somewhat humble beginnings, the game became good enough to have an entire movie built after it, a first for any mobile game. So, Rovia seemingly thinks it’s time for Angry Birds to take another big step.

For Rovio, that means introducing a subscription system for Angry Birds Evolution. Rovio is charging $25 per month for a membership, on both iOS and Android stores. The membership gives you one egg ticker per day and 10 percent more gold and gems when you’re buying items from the shop. And every other aspect of the game remain the same, including the in-app purchases, which go up to $99. 

On the other hand, for players downloading the game in India, the store listing says the subscription will cost 24.99 USD or “local equivalent”. At current exchange rates, that’s about Rs. 1600 per month for what could essentially mean an extra egg ticket per day.

Truth be told, we’re not quite sure Rovio has the right idea here. For one, the in-app purchases cost you as much as $99 and Angry Birds only says you can get “tons of gems” for that. What exactly is 10 percent of that? More importantly, Rovia is making a player pay even after they subscribe to the game, which makes Angry Birds Evolution an expensive game to play, especially for India. Would you pay for it?

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