WhatsApp ignores Delhi High Court ruling, shares data with Facebook

Your WhatsApp info is being shared with Facebook, so that it can target more advertisements at you

Published Date
29 - Sep - 2016
| Last Updated
29 - Sep - 2016
WhatsApp ignores Delhi High Court ruling, shares data with Facebo...

WhatsApp has started sharing user data with Facebook, even after the Delhi High Court ordered the company to delete all user data collected before September 25. The Popular chat application WhatsApp, recently changed its privacy policy where it openly mentioned that it will be collecting data and sharing it with its parent company Facebook. This is being done citing reasons like “improving services, fight spam and abuse”. However, the new privacy policy also mentions “WhatsApp account information shared with Facebook to improve your Facebook ads and products experiences.”

WhatsApp spokesperson Anne Yeh reportedly told Mashable India, that "The ruling has no impact on the planned policy and terms of service updates”. According to the report, WhatsApp, is not complying with the Delhi High Court ruling and has gone ahead with the planned policy changes, which came into effect this Sunday. With the new privacy policy in place, WhatsApp has the right to collect information on you including but not limited to, device information, location data, phone number, status, contact images, contact details including email addresses, your online activity, etc.

WhatsApp has been the choice of most Indians and the company currently has a user base of more than 100 million active users. The company was also widely praised for its implementation of end to end encrypted messages but their latest privacy policy is being seen as a step backward. Not just India, WhatsApp is also facing flak in Germany for the same issue. German privacy regulator have also asked Facebook and WhatsApp to stop collecting and storing data of German users. Facebook will be appealing against the order.

UPDATE: WhatsApp has provided a response to this article.
“WhatsApp will comply with the order from the Delhi High Court. We plan to proceed with the privacy policy and terms update in accordance with the Court’s order. The Court’s emphasis on the importance of user choice and consent is encouraging.” – WhatsApp spokesperson.

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