Want to get rid of jet lags? Get Entrain on your iPhone.

The app calculates how much light you need to overcome your jet lag.

Published Date
15 - Apr - 2014
| Last Updated
15 - Apr - 2014
Want to get rid of jet lags? Get Entrain on your iPhone.

Mathematicians at University of Michigan have created an app called Entrain which works on an algorithm that helps users calculate the hours of sleep and exposure to daylight necessary for travellers to get rid of jet lags caused due to traveling over different time zones.

Whenever a person travels to an area that is 12 hours behind the place where he/she was first, body's circadian rhythms fall out of sync with the surroundings thus causing jet lag. Naturally, cells in the retina help us adjust to the new place by detecting the exposure to sunlight but that can take a lot of time (usually 13 days).

With the help of Entrain, users could be able to adjust in the new surroundings in just 48 hours. The app uses a model created by the mathematicians from Michigan which evaluates different scenarios to determine how our bodies react when thrown out of rhythm and how to make them adjust.

The mathematicians working on the project found that in order to restore individuals' circadian rhythm, periods of light and dark need to be simulated to trick the body. Daniel Forger, a mathematical biologist at the University of Michigan says, "We thought that answer would be extremely complicated: AT 3:40, you need to get this much light, and at this time, you need to get this much," stressing that the solution is actually much simpler than expected.

The app has already been tested by many and has generally been receiving positive reviews.

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