Video comparison: Apple Siri vs Micromax Aisha (not suitable for Apple fanboys)

Published Date
13 - Jun - 2012
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13 - Jun - 2012
Video comparison: Apple Siri vs Micromax Aisha (not suitable for...

Of all the companies that have decided to take on Apple’s voice control personal assistant, Siri, Aisha from Micromax is one that really caught our eye.

We asked both Siri and Aisha a bunch of questions. The results were quite surprising, especially since the iPhone 4S costs Rs. 45,000 where as the Micromax A50 (one of the cheaper Aisha-bearing Micromax devices)  costs Rs 5,000.

Talking to both the voice controlled personal assistants was a treat! The answers were the most unexpected, bordering on hilarious.

We asked both the devices the following questions and received interesting answers – as Aisha seemed to be more accurate than Siri, and was definitely quicker, almost regardless of the question. Check out our test results below:

Enjoy our conversation with the Siri and Aisha below:

What is the capital of India?
Aisha: Got it right as Delhi
Siri: Couldn’t understand the question

What is the diameter of the Earth?
Aisha: Got it right
Siri: Didn’t understand the question

Do you love me?
Aisha: Gave a very philosophical answer
Siri: Followed suit

Best coffee shop in Noida?
Aisha: Opened Google maps which is nice
Siri: Can only identify locations in the US which was a letdown

What is the meaning of life?
Aisha: Gave a very philosophical answer
Siri: Gave a very philosophical answer

Best smartphone in the world?
Aisha: Surprisingly, Aisha thinks that the iPhone is the best smartphone in the world. Is there a an affair going on between the two we wonder?
Siri: Could not answer the question

When will I die?
Aisha: Witty answers!
Siri: I can Google that for you!

How old are you?
Aisha: Old enough to drink! Now that’s a bold answer!
Siri: Offered to search the web.

Highest mountain in the world?
Aisha: Mount Everest. Correct!
Siri: Didn’t understand the question.

Where is the Taj Mahal in India?
Aisha: Didn’t understand the question
Siri: Didn’t understand the question

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