Uber's logo change: Here's how the world reacted

Uber's logo change has many befuddled, while others say it's downright bad. Twitter spoke, as usual.

Published Date
03 - Feb - 2016
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03 - Feb - 2016
Uber's logo change: Here's how the world reacted

You've probably already heard about Uber's logo change. Travis Kalanick, CEO, Uber, explained the new logo in a blog post, stating, "There are many reasons for the change, but the most important is that Uber is getting ready to go global – I mean an Uber in every major city in the world. We need an identity that the world can understand and one that would get us out of the trademark infringement trouble that our BIG RED U was bound to get us into." If your Uber app has been updated, you may be looking around your phone for that magnet-shaped 'U' logo, but Uber's new logo is the bit and you can read all about it, here in Uber's blog post.

While Uber may have its reasons for changing the logo, it has left many questions in people's minds. For one, what exactly is Uber planning to do in future, that its U logo doesn't work? Well, here are some interesting reactions from Twitter.

Useful to useless



They copied SBI!





The bit, the spoon or the sperm?





We don't get it, why the change?





Curioser and curioser






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