Twitter's co-founder Biz Stone launches 'Jelly' Social Q&A app

US startup Jelly Industries founded by Twitter's co-founder Biz Stone has launched a new social Q & A app for mobile users.

Published Date
08 - Jan - 2014
| Last Updated
08 - Jan - 2014
Twitter's co-founder Biz Stone launches 'Jelly' Social Q&A app

Twitter's founder Biz Stone launches Jelly Social Q&A app for iPhone and Android users. The Jelly App is a question-and-answer-based search engine where users can ask questions, post pictures and share messages with friends.

"If you have a question, there’s someone out there that knows the answer," Stone says in a video accompanying the official blog post. The app encouraging users to post photos and ask questions about what they're seeing instead of traditional search.

"In a world where 140 characters is considered a maximum length, a picture really is worth a thousand words," the blog post reads.

According to the site, Jelly works with your existing friends network and searches within your social group. The site allows you to pose questions outside your group as well and users can also post pictures or images and ask what it is.

The official blog post reads, "No matter how sophisticated our algorithms become, they are still no match for the experience, inventiveness, and creativity of the human mind. Jelly is a new way to search and something more–it makes helping other people easy and fun. We hope you find Jelly as useful and rewarding as we do."

The app which gives an instant feedback after just a snap can be a very useful tool for marketers. Stone doesn't rule out the business application but states that right now it just wants the users to have a valuable experience and will explore the monetization option somewhere 'down the line'.

Global tech companies are trying to shake up traditional search. Apple is working on improving its Siri application and has recently acquired social media analytics firm Topsy to improve its search application for $200 million. Topsy has access to a databank of over 400 billion tweets and according to reports Apple may use the firm to analyze tweets to recommend apps to users on a more personal basis.

Source: Jelly