Twitter removes 140-character barrier for Direct Messages

[UPDATE] After posting plans to remove the 140-character barrier for DMs, Twitter has finally rolled out 1000-character DMs to users; to cover every user in few weeks

Published Date
15 - Jun - 2015
| Last Updated
13 - Aug - 2015
Twitter removes 140-character barrier for Direct Messages

[UPDATE] Two months after announcing the initiative to increase character limitations for Direct Messages in Twitter, the update has finally been rolled out for Android and iOS apps,, TweetDeck and Twitter for Mac. With this update, users can now have full conversations without having to worry about cramming words into a tiny box (evn typng lyk ds ws nt enuf). This functional update will aid devout Twitter users in using the microblogging platform more effectively, for more purposes. In light of this, users have started posting further suggestive updates that Twitter could, or should, provide. Among the most mentioned, options for increasing tweet length and permission for editing a posted tweet seem to be the most popular. As of now, if a user made an error in the tweet, they could only delete and repost it with corrections. This is not only inconvenient, but also halters the reach of concerned posts.


Twitter has announced that users can now send Direct Messages to each other that can extend up to 10,000 characters. This will be effective when the update is rolled out in July, and increase convenience of personal communication between individual users. Tweets, however, will remain within the 140-character constraint.

Twitter’s Direct Message product manager Sachin Agarwal stated guidelines earlier today on Twitter’s Developer Forums about changes in Twitter's application interface and permissions for a seamless shift to the new update. The changes stated need to be applied by users within their app to use the extended character limit. In his post, the changes he has suggested include the following:

While this latest update will not affect the way Twitter performs, it will improve user experience and increase the scope of how Twitter is used.

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