Twitter launches multiple photo sharing feature for Web and Android

Micro blogging site Twitter has announced a new multiple photo sharing feature for Internet and Google's Android OS.

Published Date
22 - May - 2014
| Last Updated
22 - May - 2014
Twitter launches multiple photo sharing feature for Web and Andro...

Social networking site Twitter has announced new photo-sharing ability for users, that allows editing images by adding filters, share more than one picture in a single tweet as well as tag friends in a picture. The new photo-sharing feature has been rolled out for web and Android users only. The feature might be introduced for iOS users soon.

Twitter has posted a new page called "the ultimate guide to sharing photos", which explains the features in detail regarding what users can do with photos on the site. The new feature allows users to share up to four pictures in one single tweet. The new feature also adds the ability to edit photos once a final picture has been selected. New editing options included are cropping, adjusting brightness and adding filter to the images.

The app also brings the ability to tag multiple users in a photo tweet, similar to tagging friends in pictures on Facebook. The tweet will be displayed to only those friends you have tagged in the photo. The guide also tells users how they can share photos in Direct Messages on Twitter.

Twitter is trying to gain more users by adding new features to its service. Recently, the micro blogging site introduced a 'mute' button, that lets users turn off the posts/updates of certain users without unfollowing them. Twitter has also introduced a new feature that lets you re-set user passwords via a text message, to make the social networking site more secure for users. The new feature analyzes user's account history, device, etc to identify suspicious activity.

Source: Twitter