Twitter launches 'Embedded Tweets' on Android and iOS

The Twitter app for iOS and Android smartphones will now allow users to embed previous tweets within new tweets.

Published Date
16 - Jun - 2014
| Last Updated
16 - Jun - 2014
Twitter launches 'Embedded Tweets' on Android and iOS

Twitter has rolled out a new update to make tweets appear more streamlined on iOS and Android smartphones. The new update allows users to embed tweets within new tweets.

To "embed" a tweet within your tweet, you will have to post the link of a tweet that you are referencing in your tweet itself. The functionality creates a new graphical presentation of the message you're referencing instead of an untidy URL. To view the tweet, you'll have to tap on it within the normal Twitter timeline, the "embeds" will show up as normal URLs.

For now, the functionality has been rolled out for Android and iOS only and is not available for desktop users yet. Twitter hasn't commented on what it's up to with the new embedding feature or when will it be launched on more platforms.

Let us know if you get the ability to view embedded tweets via your iOS or Android app.

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Source: TNW