Twitter app for Google Glass reportedly already being tested

Google Glass keeps creating waves every few days, and this time, it's thanks to a rogue tweet that got sent out by one of the developers by accident, through the Glass.

Published Date
30 - Apr - 2013
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30 - Apr - 2013
Twitter app for Google Glass reportedly already being tested

If a now-deleted-tweet is to be trusted, it would seem that a Twitter app for Google Glass is already running wild in the developer circle. While a Twitter app for Google Glass isn't much of a surprise, it is still exciting to see that it is already a reality, whether fully polished or not.

The tweet was sent out by a developer, and was originally a photograph taken with Glass. You can see a screenshot of the tweet below:

As you can see, the Tweet clearly states "Twitter for Glass," but the tweet has since been long deleted. Therefore, verifying the authenticity will definitely be difficult, however, we don't see why it could be a fake. The tweet also caries the hashtag "#throughtheglass," which in of itself is a very interesting insight:

Twitter has up until now primarily been a text input based service. We type the tweets and there was no two ways about it. But with Glass, the language is pretty simple. As the tweet lays it out, "Just shared a photo #throughtheglass" is rather generic language and could be the command to get a photo snapped by the Glass onto Twitterverse. The voice command would be new territory for Twitter, so a generic command like "share through the Glass" would be a sensible choice, but at the same time, the tweet could be part of a widespread test of what works best.

The fact that a Twitter app for Glass (part of the Glassware ecosystem) is already in the works isn't surprising. After all, the success of a device like Glass would heavily depend on its integration with social networks and the availability of apps. So, keeping that in mind, we're not surprised that Google has already got developers onboard cranking out those necessary elements.

Source: CNET

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