Top 5 travel apps to help you travel better

The world is a small place now, and we're always looking to travel and experience new places and people. Thanks to the apps that follow, you get to come and go as you please.

Published Date
22 - Apr - 2015
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28 - Apr - 2015
Top 5 travel apps to help you travel better

1 - Airbnb

While travelling on a budget you’d want to exploit every avenue to save money and AirBnB is a great app for doing just that. It lists people who’re willing to accomodate you at their place. Apart from listing out places to crash at temporarily there are also listings for long term sublets and it makes it convenient for you to get familiar with your host/guest.

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2 - OpenSignal

If you’ve travelled internationally then you must be aware of the ridiculously high mobile data rates that you have to endure. Open signal lists out all the mobile towers in an area and also all publicly visible routers. So if there is a place nearby that offers free Wi-Fi then there is a chance that OpenSignal will have that listed. All of the data is crowdsourced.

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3 - Google Translate

Google Translate is absolutely essential if you don’t understand the primary language of whatever place you’re visiting. It has offline support for its translation service and takes input via three means – audio, image and text scribble. Moreover, Google’s phonetic typing takes care of typos. The latest update has OCR built in for a few languages so you can simply snap a photo and everything on it gets translated. Neat!

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4 - Aroundme

Each city has some sort of app that allows you to discover places of interest for you to visit but AroundMe replaces all of those. It sources the places of interest via local yellow pages or from Google Maps so the listings are pretty up to date. However, local city apps will always have the advantage.

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5 - JetlagRooster

Jetlagged? Jetlag Rooster sets alarms for a schedule that slowly adjusts your sleep cycle to that of the new city you are in. A must have for those who travel long distances, and often.

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