Top 10 Intel Software Developer Stories | Skateboarding with IoT, 3D Scanning, Cube Rotation with Unity, and More

Published Date
12 - May - 2015
| Last Updated
13 - May - 2015
Top 10 Intel Software Developer Stories | Skateboarding with IoT,...

Intel® Developer Zone experts, innovators, and Black Belts contribute hundreds of helpful articles and blog posts every month. From code samples to how-to guides, we’ve gathered the most popular software developer stories so you don’t miss a thing.
1. Intel®  RealSense™ 3D scanning: How to Scan then Prep for Blender and Unity

Check out these four steps using the most recent SDK for the Intel® RealSense™ F200 camera with 3D scanning. This is an amazing feature and will allow developers and digital artists to scan real-world objects to use in their projects using Unity.

2. Making an Intel® Edison Connected Skateboard

Watch this video to learn how to connect your skateboard with your Intel® Edison board and track your skating tricks on a plotted graph.

3. Video Interviews - Intel® Software Innovators at GDC 2015

Watch as our Intel® Software Innovators demonstrate their latest projects using Intel® RealSense™ technology at the 2015 Game Developer Conference (GDC).

 4. 5 Myths Busted about Hackathons and the Maker Community

If you have never been to a hackathon before, it's safe to say you may assume one or more of these myths were true about the maker community. Read as Grace proves each of these tales to be far from the truth.

 5. Introducing Intel® Atom™ x3 (Code-Named “SoFIA”) SoC Processor Series

Discover the Intel® Atom™ x3 platform and the features that interest mobile app developers.

6. Intel® Architecture Support Guide for Android* Middleware Providers

With more than 200 other devices based on Intel® architecture, it's becoming more than important for middleware software providers to support x86 devices. Learn more on how to support your middleware provider.

 7. Cube Rotation Using the Unity* Toolkit with Intel® RealSense™ Technology

Interested in learning how to make a virtual cube rotate based on hand movement? This tutorial will get you up and running a simple Intel®  RealSense™ application using the Unity Toolkit.

 8. Handling Offline Capability and Data Sync in an Android* App

This delicious article explains the pieces, sync adapter, and authenticator, as well as how to use Google Cloud Messaging notifications to trigger the data sync with a backend server.

9. Sharing Surfaces between OpenCL™ and DirectX* 11 on Intel® Processor Graphics

This tutorial will show you how to create shared surfaces between OpenCL and DirectX 11.

 10. WiFi Access on Intel® Galileo with Yocto* Linux

Need to set up WiFi on your Intel® Galileo board? This guide will walk you through the set-up steps using Yacto* Linux.

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