Top 10 exclusive Android apps that you must try

The Google-owned operating system is found on the most mobile devices around the world. Here we give you 10 must-have apps that are exclusive to Android only.

Published Date
26 - Mar - 2014
| Last Updated
28 - May - 2014
Top 10 exclusive Android apps that you must try

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world and Google's own Play Store is its largest app market. In July 2013, Google announced that the Play Store had become home to more than 1 million apps and by default people download apps for their Android mobile phones from the said market. While Play Store is home to many cross-platform apps that are also found on iOS and Windows Phone, there are many apps that are exclusive to Android OS only. We give you 10 must-try apps that exclusive for Android only.

1. Dashclock
When it comes to having a lock screen widget customization app, nothing beats this one.


2. Nova Launcher
Best launcher. It offers a whole hog of customization options, that’s simply unmatched.


3. ES File Explorer
Its brings a lot of Windows’ desktop UI’s familiarity to the Android platform – browsing files and folders, unzipping RARs, etc.


4. SwiftKey
Quite simply, this is the best touchscreen keyboard ever, something that really goes a long way in making ‘typing’ great fun.


5. Applock
Besides locking screen, how about locking every single app on your phone? You’re welcome.


6. Llama
This is an interesting location-aware app that automates a lot of things. Just try it.


7. Unified Remote
This app turns your Android device into an extensive universal remote for your Windows PC.


8. Tasker
This lets you automate Android like no other, putting it to work like a charm.


9. Airdroid
This is a remote desktop app for your Android device, letting you work on it like a PC.


10. Google Now
Apple has Siri, but Google Now’s in a different league altogether. It’s scary and mesmerizing!


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