Top 5 fitness apps to help you get healthy

Staying healthy these days is hard work, and a little app-sistance helps.

Published Date
22 - Apr - 2015
| Last Updated
28 - Apr - 2015
Top 5 fitness apps to help you get healthy

1 - Dungeon Runner: Fitnessest

Exult in the power that you wield as you swing your mighty sword and penetrate all comers with a single thrust! With Dungeon Runner you transform your daily workout into a power fantasy, an RPG that is controlled by your exercise routine.

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2 - Johnson and Johnson official 7 minute workout

If you don’t have the stamina for an hour long workout session, fret not, for even quickies can be effective! Follow Johnson and Johnson’s free, 7 minute workout routine to the letter and it won’t be long before you come into your own.

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3 - Rise

Rising to the occasion is not always easy, especially so when you’ve slipped into a rut and the monotony of routine fails to elicit a response. The problem is simple, the solution, simpler. You’ve either been indulging yourself a little too much or simply neglected yourself and are malnourished, either way, Rise will set your diet straight.

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4 - FitnessBuilder

If you take a long, hard look at yourself and bemoan the flaccid state of your muscles, maybe it’s time to start working out. FitnessBuilder starts you off slow and then slowly builds you up to a peak of fitness, climaxing at the end of an 8 week period. Of course, you can completely customize the regime to something more satisfactory to your taste, if you so desire.

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5 - Water your body

Stay hydrated, stay healthy. Over 60% of your body is just fluids and over the course of the day, your body will leak fluids like a sieve, sometimes voluntarily, other times not. If you don’t hydrate yourself regularly, it won’t be long before your discharge ruins your life. Water your body at least gets that load off your mind.

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