Awkward: an app that lets you share videos anonymously

An app called Awkward, which is available exclusively on iOS, allows users to share blurry videos with their peers.

Published Date
22 - Sep - 2014
| Last Updated
22 - Sep - 2014
Awkward: an app that lets you share videos anonymously

The concept of anonymous Social Networking has cropped up over the past year or so. Apps like Secret, Whisper, Confess and others all allow users to hide their identities, while sharing images and messages with their peers. They lack only one thing though and that is videos. Meet Awkward, an app that fills that void, allowing people to share blurry videos of themselves or something else, hence hiding their identities.


The app is currently available only for iOS and allows users to post videos lasting up to 10 second at most, which are then moderated. Of course, it is advisable to use the app when you have a WiFi connection handy, in order to avoid data charges when used over mobile data connections.

The app also allows you to like or flag videos shared by others. You can double tap a video to like it or even click the ‘Share’ button to share it on Facebook, WhatsApp and other places. You can also share videos posted by you on other portals.


Considering how Indian users have flocked to Secret and other apps, including the India-based Confess application, Awkward could find some following here as a social network. Although, this could be hampered by the fact that it is available exclusively on iOS. In addition, there’s always the question about what happens when someone figures out how to unblur your videos. It is pretty hard to unblur videos though, but needless to say, that’ll be awkward to say the least.

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