Wording: an Android game that tests your vocabulary

Wording is game where you solve anagrams and get points for it

Published Date
12 - Aug - 2014
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12 - Aug - 2014
Wording: an Android game that tests your vocabulary

If you're looking for a game to test your analytical skills and English vocabulary at the same time, there is a game for you. Indian game developer Wah Wah games has launched a game called "Wording" which requires you to solve anagrams.

We all have done jumble word puzzles in our early school days. Wording doesn't add anything new to this, so when you solve an anagram you get points instead of appreciation from real people after showing your prowess with words. The game is fairly simple, you start the game and solve the jumble words given to you in the given time. 

Each level has four jumble words to solve and solving those will take you to the next level. The game has 25 free levels and once you're done with them, it requires a one time payment of Rs. 50 which will upgrade the game to 400 levels. The game also supports three other languages Spanish, French and Dutch. It gets connected to your Google account and share your scores on Facebook and Twitter.

Wording is a very useful learning application for parents and teachers who want to gamify the whole learning experience for kids.  

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