SoundHound's 'Hound' voice assistant app is simply incredible

An internal demo video shows Hound's prowess at understanding the context of queries and speed at which it delivers results.

Published Date
04 - Jun - 2015
| Last Updated
05 - Jun - 2015
SoundHound’s 'Hound' voice assistant app is simply incredible

We did a story yesterday about how SoundHound, the popular music identification service, was branching out into the voice assistant market with its own ‘Hound’ app. What this means is that ‘Hound’ will be taking on already established voice assistants such as Microsoft’s Cortana, Google’s Now and Apple’s Siri, and their impressive capabilities.

Today, while browsing Reddit, I came across a demonstration video of Hound and, quite frankly, if what I saw is a true representation of Hound’s abilities, then it will incinerate the other voice assistants.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video:

When I first watched the video, words like ‘magic’ and ‘sci-fi’ kept popping up in my head. ‘Hound’ obviously manages to deliver results at astounding speed and even if the video has actually been sped up (keep in mind, it’s posted by the SoundHound team), what’s more impressive is the fact that it has a keen understanding of the context of the queries and hence lets you engage in a more ‘natural’ conversation with your phone (as weird as that may sound).

Hound is currently in beta and is only available for US residents, and only through invitation.

via Reddit

Nikhil PradhanNikhil Pradhan