Skype app for iOS gets updated, finally

Published Date
29 - Nov - 2012
| Last Updated
29 - Nov - 2012
Skype app for iOS gets updated, finally

The iOS app for Skype has finally received an update that will now allow iOS users to merge their Microsoft accounts with the contact list of their VoIP account.

The ability to merge the Microsoft accounts with the Skype contacts would allow the users to send Instant Messages and make calls to their Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook contacts directly. The update also add the ability to edit instant messages by tapping and holding on texts. There’s a host of smileys and animated emoticon available, which all support Retina Display resolution.

Being able to manage a host of contact lists via a single app is sure to bring great ease to those who use iOS. Android users of the app, along with those who’ve been using it on the desktop have had this functionality for a while now.

These new changes fall in line with Microsoft phasing out the old Messenger in favour of Skype, which will be taking over as the messaging hub in the Windows 8 OS, or so Microsoft hopes.

When Microsoft initially bought Skype out, many thought that it would serve as a communication program for their Xbox 360 gaming console. However, as time has gone by, we’re seeing deeper and deeper Skype integration into various Microsoft properties, however, Skype still hasn’t found its way into the Xbox.

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