SkyDrive for Windows Phone 8 gets released

Published Date
08 - Nov - 2012
| Last Updated
08 - Nov - 2012
SkyDrive for Windows Phone 8 gets released

Interestingly, a SkyDrive app has been amiss from all Windows Phone 8 devices so far, but Microsoft has amended that pretty quickly by releasing the SkyDrive app.

Version 3.0 of SkyDrive brings with it, first of all, a dedicated app for Windows Phone 8, which in our initial observations, is much faster than the SkyDrive app available on Windows Phone 7. The app also now allows browsing and opening of all supported file types such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDFs. The app also brings with it improved visuals and animations that fall in line with the entire Windows Phone 8 user experience.

Since Windows Phone 8 devices are yet to hit the market, the app’s release is definitely well timed. Given that only certain reviewers and Microsoft employees currently sport Windows Phone 8 devices, an early release of the SkyDrive app will give Microsoft some time to tweak and iron out any bugs present.

The SkyDrive app can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store through your Windows Phone 8 device. If you’re on Windows Phone 7 and using SkyDrive app version 2.2, the new version of SkyDrive isn’t yet available as an update for you guys. We’re hoping that once Windows Phone 7.8 is out, the SkyDrive app will get an update to match performance.

You can download the app from here.

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