Safe Beyond lets you send messages from beyond the grave

The service that lets users upload messages, photographs, or videos which will be posthumously sent to their loved ones

Published Date
19 - Nov - 2015
| Last Updated
20 - Nov - 2015
Safe Beyond lets you send messages from beyond the grave

Sending messages from beyond the grave may seem a little farfetched, but that’s exactly what Safe Beyond aims to do. Safe Beyond is a service that lets users upload messages, photographs, or videos and have them posthumously sent to designated ‘heirs’. These messages are sent to the heirs when certain triggers are set off. These triggers can be set for a specific date, event, or location. The app currently only available on Android, while an iOS app will release soon. 

Users sign up for the service and receive 1GB of free storage space. However, if they plan on sending a whole bunch of messages once they have passed on, they can pay a “symbolic monthly fee” to upgrade their storage. The idea is that when you have passed away and your loved ones are celebrating a special event like a birthday, wedding, or simply visiting a certain location of special significance, they will receive a message from you specially made for that particular event. 

Of course, users wouldn’t know when certain event, such as your child’s wedding, would occur. That’s why the service allows users to set up ‘trustees’. They will be in charge of the user’s assets once he or she has passed away and can add the required dates for the message to trigger. The system also allows the user to send credentials of their social media account to heirs of trustees along with instructions on what they want their account to show after their death. However, it would be very awkward for a heir to get a heartfelt message when the user still alive. So two people, either heirs or trustees, will have to confirm that a user has passed away before Safe Beyond starts sending messages. To ensure that messages aren’t left too far ahead into the future, users can only leave messages up to 25 years in advance.

Safe Beyond’s CEO, Moran Zur says in an official blog post, “At Safe Beyond, we ask you to let us provide you the platform to help you bring dignity to your digital afterlife. It’s never too soon to plan your social media will and directives. Managing social media accounts is included in Safe Beyond’s free package.”

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