Revamped Google Play Store starts rolling out on Android devices

Google has started the rollout of its fresh, new Play Store which was teased just last week. No specific updates, however, has been given for India

Published Date
23 - Oct - 2015
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23 - Oct - 2015
Revamped Google Play Store starts rolling out on Android devices

The redisigned version of the Google Play Store has started rolling out to some Android devices. Screenshots of the new Play Store were teased by a Google Software Engineer, last week. The new Play Store divides content into two categories – Apps, and Games and Entertainment. Underneath these broad categories will be sub-sections like 'Top App Charts', 'Movies', 'TV Shows', 'Books', 'News-stand', etc. The udate will also introduce RTL support for languages written from right to left.

Currently, there are six separate sections called Games, Movies & TV, Music, Books, and Newsstand. Images of the new Play Store also show a more vibrant interface which divides the smartphone screen into two halves. The top half of the new Play Store shows a toggle with games, books, apps and other entertainment that Google wants to promote whereas the second half of the screen has a toggle for the sub-sections. The search bar can be seen right at the top, so users can directly search for specific apps without going into any particular sub-section.

Last month, Google redesigned its logo, which was its fifth redesign since the company was founded in 1998. The new logo now makes use of Google’s own Product Sans typeface, and is a rather simplistic approach from its previous logo, after being absorbed under parent company, Alphabet.

According to The Verge, the Play Store update cannot be downloaded manually by users. Google will need to switch it on from its servers, before you can see the update. The company has already done so for select users, although we in India have still not seen any signs of this revision on Android devices. 

Updates on Google's plans of rolling out the new Play Store in India may soon be announced. Till then, keep watching this space for more.

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