Rejected 'Built for BlackBerry' apps to be reassessed; appeals process simplified

BlackBerry to re-examine rejected "Built for BlackBerry Apps", sets up transparent appeals process for developers.

Published Date
26 - Feb - 2013
| Last Updated
26 - Feb - 2013
Rejected 'Built for BlackBerry' apps to be reassessed; appeals pr...

BlackBerry says it will review some of its rejected apps under the Built for BlackBerry certification program. BlackBerry’s head of developer relations, Alex Saunders said he decided to look into the matter after receiving numerous complaints and feedback about the rejected apps.

Many of the applications have been rejected as they were mistakenly categorized as ‘single function apps’. These new Apps are targeted as the best apps for BlackBerry so single function apps were not suitable for it and the reviewers were quick in categorizing and rejecting them.

Saunders said in a blog post that BlackBerry will reassess all the apps that were rejected just because they were categorized as single function apps. An appeals process has also been set up where the developers can respond to rejections via a message to BlackBerry Reviewers. This process has been set up by BlackBerry for improving communication with developers. BlackBerry will also be publishing case studies to help developers in application development process.

The Built for BlackBerry project along with ‘Port-Athons‘ and its $10k Developer Commitment is part of BlackBerry’s initiative to refresh its brand. BlackBerry has started these projects as its devices have been criticized previously due to lack of quality apps.

BlackBerry has committed that all apps under the 10k Developer Commitment will generate $10,000 in annual revenue. BlackBerry has also received more that 34,000 app submission under the Port-Athon event.

Source: The Next Web