Prisma app to add video editing feature in "the next few weeks"

Prisma Co-Founder, Alexei Moiseenkova, has confirmed that the new video editing feature will be launched soon.

Published Date
29 - Jul - 2016
| Last Updated
29 - Jul - 2016
Prisma app to add video editing feature in “the next few weeks”

Prsima, the now famous photo editing app, is set to get a major update soon. The app that converts pictures to paintings, recently saw the rollout of its Android avatar. Now, Prisma Co-founder Alexei Moiseenkova has confirmed that the app will soon be adding the much awaited video editing feature to the app.


As promised by Moiseenkova, Prisma’s video editing feature will launch in “the next few weeks,” allowing users to edit video clips with the same artistic filter offered in the app. Released back in June for iOS users, Prisma shot to fame in no time, gathering popularity owing to its rather different take on photo filters. Brush stroke styles include a cue of impressionist art, with bold colour tones, deep shadows and a mix of oil paint and pastel. There are filters that resemble van Gogh’s post-impressionist paintings, some based on Picasso’s Cubist art, and some more based on Rembrandt’s Dutch Golden Age realist paintings.

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