Popular apps now going for Free on the Apple App Store

Could be a part of a bigger celebration to celebrate the App Store's fifth anniversary, but no official announcement yet from Apple.

Published Date
08 - Jul - 2013
| Last Updated
08 - Jul - 2013
Popular apps now going for Free on the Apple App Store

If you happened to browse the Apple App Store this morning, you would be in for a rather tasty surprise. Certain rather popular apps and games are now sporting the “Free” price tag. These apps include Infinity Blade II, Where’s my Water?, Badland and Tiny Wings.

The apps that have gone free include the Traktor DJ for iPhone, which usually is priced at around $20, the Day One journal app, Over image editing app and the Barefoot World Atlas.

We don't really know the reason behind the apps suddenly going Free, and none of the apps also give an explanation on the App Store listing. However, it wouldn’t be outlandish to believe that this is somehow related to the Apple App Store’s fifth anniversary, and could be a part of the celebrations.

The company, however, has not released any official statement yet, regarding these apps. If indeed these are related to the fifth anniversary, we could see more apps added to the list of free apps.



Vishal MathurVishal Mathur