Podcasts to have their own app in Apple iOS 6

Published Date
18 - Jun - 2012
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18 - Jun - 2012
Podcasts to have their own app in Apple iOS 6

Podcasts are getting a special treatment in iOS 6 – their own app. Podcast is the ability to subscribe to your favourite shows (audio only or audio video) in the iTunes library and watch/hear them as and when you like. When you sync your iDevice, you can watch/hear the shows on the go, or from the comfort of your laptop.

Podcasts are pre-recorded audio shows of various genres that users can subscribe to and listen to even when offline. Apple introduced podcasts in 2005 in iTunes version 4.9.

In the podcasts app (in iOS 6), users will be able to discover, download and play podcasts through the dedicated app. If you are more comfortable accessing podcasts via iTunes through your laptop and desktop, you will still find the podcasts tab there.

Whether podcasts have been successful enough to get their own app is a question only Apple can answer, but we think it will get some time in the limelight with a dedicated app.

Apple recently announced that it is pulling the plug on Ping, its social networking iTunes app for music lovers. The service was introduced in September 2010 but hasn’t received the response Apple expected it to.

Apple recently announced the next iteration of its smartphone operating system, iOS 6, will have over 200 new features. We have seen a glimpse of some of the features such as the redesigned maps, Siri, Facebook integration and a whole lot more. You can take a look at some of the new features in iOS here.

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