Nischint app lets parents monitor child's smartphone activities

A new app that is supposed to help parents prevent their children from risks of social media and Internet.

Published Date
01 - Aug - 2014
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01 - Aug - 2014
Nischint app lets parents monitor child's smartphone activities

UAE-based Nischint Technologies Ltd. has launched a digital parental guidance mobile application called “Nischint”. The app serves as a tool for the parents to keep track of their children’s activities on smartphones, especially on the web and social media.

With this application, the parents will be able to view phone calls, SMS made/received, the images and video taken or played by their children on their devices on real time basis. Nischint also enables parents to track the location of their children at any point of time with the help of interactive map showing the GPS track for the last 24 hours, showing real time presence of their children’s location. It also helps set up children safe zone and receive real time alerts when the safe zone is crossed.
“Nischint began with a simple idea: everyone, especially our children, women and elderly should be able to use a mobile device safe from threats and disruptive influence. We’ve been rethinking mobile assurance ever since. With Nischint, we have been able to close this void,” said Mr. Raghav Mimani, Founder, Nischint Technologies Ltd.
Nischint will also provide real time alerts on critical battery, on phone being switched off and if the SIM card is taken out. Parents can track their children activities in parent devices via a dashboard.

“Today, children spend so much time on social networks like Facebook that it has become essential to monitor their online social activity. Nischint will help to keep children safer by showing who they are friends with and what type of content is being shared by them. On content level; one can proactively set the right filters for kids when connected online. This will help parents to choose particular category of websites best suited to their children’s interest and security,” he further added.
Nischint is available in two versions, i.e., Free and Advance. While the Free version is immediately available for download for Android devices immediately and Apple app store.

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