New Release of Adobe Shadow Available

Published Date
15 - Apr - 2012
| Last Updated
15 - Apr - 2012
New Release of Adobe Shadow Available

Adobe recently released a new tool called Adobe Shadow, that make it easy to test web applications and sites across a spectrum of devices.

The Adobe Shadow tool has multiple components, one running on your mobile device, on your computer, and one integrated in your browser — currently only Chrome is supported. It allows you to link multiple devices (iOS or Android) running the Adobe Shadow application with a computer, and offers synchronized browsing between these devices. So as you open a page on your desktop / laptop browser, it opens on all linked devices. This has obvious benefits while testing applications.

Adobe Shadow is currently an Adobe Labs technology, which means that while it has been released for the public to play it, it is still in development, and public feedback might affect the final product. In fact this second release of Adobe Shadow has taken into account some of the public feedback and requests for fixes.

The new version offers a number of new features:

  • Support for Localhost URLs: If you are in the stage where the project is being developed locally and run on a local server, this will allow testing such applications on your devices.
  • Adobe Edge Integration: Adobe Edge is Adobe’s HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript based animation and interaction design tool. It’s preview in browser will now work with Adobe Shadow — although only if you are using Chrome as your default browser.
  • iPad “3” and Kindle Fire support: The third generation iPad and the Kindle Fire are now supported
  • HTTP Authentication support: Browsing URLs that require HTTP authentication will now show a username and password prompt on mobile devices.
  • URL Monitoring: Shadow now monitors changes in the Chrome address bar, allowing one to test applications that change the anchor bit of the URL to change state.
  • Refresh gestures: The mobile app now supports a refresh gesture which will force reloading of latest assets.

Adobe Shadow is available on the Adobe Labs website